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What Is A Thinking Boom Boom Thinking?

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We have a new contest today (with absolutely no prizes!). Help us figure out exactly what a thinking Boom Boom is thinking.

A thinking Boom Boom (with his bushy tail).
A thinking Boom Boom (with his bushy tail).

Landon received his nickname because his bouncing mode of transportation. He hops and boings from spot to spot throughout the house and yard. What may surprise you is that he also has quiet, contemplative moments where he sits and stares into space. Is he solving complex mathematical equations. Compiling the next Great American Novel in his head? Wondering how long it is until dinner? We have asked, but he hasn’t shared his deepest thoughts with us yet, so we turn to our readers for ideas. What exactly is Landon thinking?

If only that rabbit was on this side of the fence.
If only that rabbit was on this side of the fence.

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6 thoughts on “What Is A Thinking Boom Boom Thinking?

  1. your blog very often just literally makes my day.
    and there isn’t an Eastwood nor a gun in sight!
    I seldom comment here but you can be sure I never miss a post.
    thank you for all that you do to make life more enjoyable
    for us Sibe lovers who love all dogs and creative Hu Dad’s skills.
    we are in severe drought where I live and I’m a lover of rain.
    I play your ‘rainy day’ video over and over.
    and with licking the puddle on the deck and the water bucket full nearby
    it never fails to bring a laugh while I’m mesmerized by the rain.
    it’s all always sheer beauty for me here.

  2. Picture large white board with complex mathematical equations appearing as they do Boom Boom thinks to himself

    From this spot on the porch if I launch and hop at twice my normal speed from a 45 degree angle to the fence multiplied by the number of feet per hop subtract the number of hops I must give up to slide under the picnic table duvided by the total of force times mass after I run into the current occupant in the basement of the picnic table I can be in the prime digging spot in 2.7 seconds

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