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Senior Security Alert and Movie Memory Monday

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The sun had disappeared behind the mountain. Dark crept across the yard. Movement deep in the field. And a Senior Security Alert sounded.

I've got this.
I’ve got this.

Most days now, Kiska will perform her security alert duties from the deck. She will sound the alarm. Dogs will race to the fence. They will warn the intruder away. And they will return to her and give a report.

Hark! Who goes there? Senior Security Alert
Hark! Who goes there?

But, last night, whatever moved in the field required Miss Kiska’s personal attention. Hu-Dad has no idea what was out there because it was near dark (the photographs have been enhanced for clarification, but humans could barely see). With Miss Kiska’s warning, however, the creature slunk off into the woods and left Chez Herd safe.

Some things you have to handle yourself.
Some things you have to handle yourself.

Well done, Miss Kiska.

Movie Memory Monday

This week’s Movie Memory Monday takes us back to 2010 with a mix of some of today’s seniors being much younger as well as some of the dogs who have since passed from our life. We are enjoying a beautiful fall day and doing a little mushing training runs. Yes, we are quite the amateurs, but this is a great way to exercise when you are a working dog.

Fall Training Runs
Click image to go to video Siberian Husky Calisthenics

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3 thoughts on “Senior Security Alert and Movie Memory Monday

  1. Miss Kiska-you showed them when you REALLY need to chase something away-you still can. You showed the rest of the herd-I STILL have it!!!

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