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Objects In Motion Sometimes Rest

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Isaac Newton was a brilliant scientist whose theories impact research to this day, though Boom Boom’s own research broke Newton’s law about objects in motion.

Boom Boom not in motion
Boom Boom not in motion

Newton’s first law, commonly known as the law of inertia, states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion and objects at rest tend to stay at rest. Oh, sure, we might be greatly simplifying the theory, but Boom Boom decided to conduct some serious research yesterday. After bounding about the yard and playing with his siblings, he paused for a moment in the sunshine. That warmth had an interesting effect, something that Newton may need to have considered in building his scientific theories.

That sun feels so good.
That sun feels so good.

We aren’t sure that Newton really thought through the impact of warm sunshine on a cold day, but Boom Boom’s theory is that movement can be slowed with the impact of warm sunshine. We look forward to his thesis paper being published soon.

Thinking about these things carefully.
Thinking about these things carefully.

Way Back Wednesday

Many of you were surprised that the story we are featuring this week wasn’t the very first Way Back Wednesday. This story is the most common one mentioned when we meet a fan for the first time, though, believe it or not, it isn’t the most read story ever (that one is still to come). But it is the stuff of legend and gets shared over and over on social media. We are always amused when we see it shared again and have to admit that that was us.

Yes, we are talking about Frankencouch, a story from back in 2006. Our Hu-Dad was trying to be so nice and let us have a couch for our very own. And we, well, remodeled the couch. So he got a replacement couch. And we remodeled it again. If you ever need our remodeling help, please us know. In the mean time, enjoy this week’s Way Back Wednesday.


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3 thoughts on “Objects In Motion Sometimes Rest

  1. Mom sez: Landon, you are SUCH a handsome guy! It’s so nice to see that you ARE able to be still for long enough for us to be able to get a REALLY good look at you. Me’n Ebby both like what we see in these photos. You should try being still more often!

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