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Rainy Day Reactions From The Herd

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Our weather finally warmed, just enough that snow flurries turned to rain. The rainy day reactions from The Herd sums up their feelings.

Why is it raining, Hu-Dad?
Why is it raining, Hu-Dad?

Light snow flurries have fallen almost every day for the last week or two, but never strong enough to accumulate. That left us with bitterly cold temperatures and blustery winds, hardly fun even for dogs acclimated to winter. We finally saw a break in those temperatures just as some moisture hit us, causing a brief but strong snow shower around mid-day on Monday.

But why didn't the snow stay?
But why didn’t the snow stay?

Just as we were beginning to see some accumulation, the snow switched over to a drizzly, cold rain. Our temperatures may have finally risen above freezing, but just barely and accompanied by wet. The dogs were unimpressed.

Put another log on the fire, Hu-Dad, if you can't make the weather better.
Put another log on the fire, Hu-Dad, if you can’t make the weather better.

At one point during the day, Hu-Dad wandered back into his study (probably after adding another log to the fire for Cheesewhiz) and was greeted by this collective look of boredom.

Yes, we are all sighing loudly. Rainy day reactions
Yes, we are all sighing loudly.


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3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reactions From The Herd

  1. Mom ‘n Ebby say: Hu-Dad, you may need to think about installing an “indoor game room” for the Herd, for these inclement weather days. Decorate it with some “out-doorsy stuffs” so they think they are outside. Maybe with a snow-making machine in it.

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