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Youthful Exuberance In The Storm

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Yesterday continues the rainy, foggy, windy, cool weather from Irma, but youthful exuberance had one member of The Herd saying, “Enough!”

I'm tired of waiting for the rain to stop!
I’m tired of waiting for the rain to stop!

Irma has been mostly an inconvenience for us, frankly no stronger than a typical storm crossing the mountain ridges. We have had a couple of days of rainy, drizzly weather coupled with wind and fog. Overall, a dreary couple of days with everyone huddled inside waiting on better weather.

Well, everyone was waiting until a certain someone just couldn’t wait longer and insisted on some zoomies around the yard and picnic table time.

Come on. Who is with me?
Come on. Who is with me?

Unfortunately for Landon, no one else followed. In fact, a certain “Little Big” Brother seemed unimpressed, even though it wasn’t too long ago he would have done the same thing.

Youth today.
Youth today.

P.S. – So glad to hear from so many of our readers in the path of Irma that they are well. And glad to hear from so many that are recovering from Harvey. Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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