Foggy Evening Decisions For Boom Boom

After a day of steady rain, the clouds settled over our mountain. Landon faced foggy evening decisions thanks to a pair of rabbits.

Rabbits! Rabbits! Rabbits!

Rabbits! Rabbits! Rabbits!

A pair of rabbits grazed just outside the fence of Sibe Quentin. Spying the duo, Landon took off to provide them with a standard Siberian Husky welcome.

Wait a minute. You can't do that.

Wait a minute. You can’t do that.

Hearing the thundering paws coming in their direction, the rabbits took off. One headed east and one headed west, presenting quite the quandary for our young Sibe. Did he go left to follow one rabbit or go right to follow the other? In his indecision, he allowed them both sufficient time to disappear.

Why oh why did they go in different directions?

Why oh why did they go in different directions?



  1. Juno's mom on July 29, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Huskies and small critters… My husky has taken out more mice than my cat has. (That last shot of Landon is really pretty, even with the fence.)

    • KJ Pierson on July 29, 2017 at 1:51 pm

      Same is true with both my previous rescue Husky Chloe, and my current Leena. My cat does have deformed front paws, but she doesn’t even pay mice much attention. Only ever seen evidence of her killing one….when I woke up on the bed and went to pet her….and found dead mouse instead.

      Think she thought I didnt know how to hunt my own food.

      Chloe and Leena…firmly convinces me Huskies have cat DNA. She’s killed mice, big rats, a couple small possums that snuck into the house and she got a paw on a squirrel once before it rolled it’s way over and up a tree lol.

      (and I agree, the nose up hunting position of Boom Boom shot is PERFECT!)

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