Boom Boom’s Busy Day – Film Friday

This week’s Film Friday follows the ever hectic schedule of Landon / Boom Boom’s Busy Day around Chez Herd. Just try to keep up!

Some of our readers might suspect that the youngest and newest member of The Herd doesn’t have many responsibilities. Boom Boom sets out this week to prove how crazy his schedule is, both inside and outside the house.

In an extra special bonus, he also shows the graceful method he uses on the wood floor. In slow motion. You certainly don’t want to miss that!

So sit back, relax – or try, and enjoy Boom Boom’s Busy Day!

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12 thoughts on “Boom Boom’s Busy Day – Film Friday

  1. Ok I have to ask a question… are your floors specially treated? And if so what did you do, because they are stunning and I’m afraid that my hardwood shows the signs of laying rubber as my dogs try to make them ..less slippery.. kind of like when you watch a car race and they burn rubber to gain traction.

    As always, love the movie Friday… Boom Boom is a natural star.

    Also, since he and typhoon play very much the same, do they not play together a lot? It sees we see him engaging more with Frankie.

    • The hardwood floors are stranded bamboo which is fairly scratch resistant. Of course, that is scratch resistant and not scratch proof. We have left some tracks.

      And, yes, Hu-Dad thought Typhoon and Boom Boom would be best of pals – but it has not turned out that way. Landon adores – absolutely adores – his big brother, Frankie, and follows him everywhere. Even napping, they are only inches apart.

      Typhoon, in the ultimate irony, seems to think that Landon is just too bouncy. A riot considering how bouncy Typhoon is. They tolerate each other and ride side by side in the Jeep, but they do not ever seem destined to be buddies. And it is not just Landon – Typhoon is just an independent, don’t touch me Little Prince. He is perfectly happy acting aloof all day long.

  2. I am so disappointed, the film is not showing. Under the line about relaxing and enjoying it, there is nothing – just blank white until the comments start. It sounds like it is great, is there any other place I can go to see it?

    • Oh, no, we are so sorry! YouTube is apparently having issues (we are seeing errors on their site right and left). We have dispatched Kiska to yell at them and will reply as soon as it is back.

      • Thank you. Please tell Kiska she did an excellent
        job because I am able to see the video now. So glad I was able to enjoy watching Boom Boom’s antics. I appreciate you letting me know what happened. Have a wonderful weekend.

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