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Typhoon Not Really Listening

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Typhoon, like many Siberian Huskies, has a well-honed skill of not really listening to the Hu-Dad, as these photographs prove.

All Typhoon hears is "Blah. Blah. Blah."
All Typhoon hears is “Blah. Blah. Blah.”

To gain Typhoon’s full attention, Hu-Dad decided to move directly between Typhoon and the window. Somehow, Hu-Dad thought he still did not have Typhoon’s undivided attention. What do you think?

Sure, Hu-Dad, uh-huh.
Sure, Hu-Dad, uh-huh.

Thursday is our traditional Throwback Thursday video day. We reach back into our archives of videos and share a video filmed long ago on our social media pages. Starting this week, we are going to share the video on our Thursday blog post as well. Enjoy this week’s Throwback Thursday from way back in 2010!

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9 thoughts on “Typhoon Not Really Listening

  1. It is great to see the ol’ faces! I loved Kodiak and Rusty and Natasha so much, but ADORED Rusty. 🙂

    When you taking the current boys out? I can see Frankie, Boom Boom and Typhoon enjoying this! Probably Cheese-Whiz too but she forgets she is a senior, doesn’t she. 🙂

    • Cheoah is retired because of her arthritis and TPLO surgery. Typhoon has not run much because of his digestive issues and he is not a fan of things touching him. Frankie enjoys it.

      And Boom-Boom? Running in a straight line seems to be a real challenge for him. Should have, but never did hook him up this winter. (And we don’t run in the summer).

  2. That selective hearing is funny, but can be frustrating at times. They know when you want them to do what they’d rather not do. Bittersweet, seeing those who’ve gone on ahead. A reminder to enjoy the now.

    • At the moment, no.

      Kiska, Qannik and Cheoah are all retired (arthritis, etc.). Typhoon’s digestive issues are always at the front of our concern. Frankie likes it. Boom-Boom has never been in harness. Maybe this coming winter we can try Frankie and Landon together.

  3. It was so good seeing the videos with Kodiak, Rusty, and Natasha. They are still missed!
    That should be interesting next winter with Frankie and Landon.

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