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Frankie Suave Surveillance

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The Frankie Suave Surveillance approach to security is certainly different than Miss Kiska’s as he scans the horizon from the comfort of the deck.

Frankie Suave Surveillance
Frankie Suave Surveillance

Frankie has long claimed a prime spot on the deck, the Southeastern corner where he can watch both the lower field to the East as well as the rabbit populated field to the South. He would also point out that the location is close to Hu-Dad in the event anything interesting happens inside.

Anything good inside, Hu-Dad?
Anything good inside, Hu-Dad?

And when action is slow in the field, it is also the perfect napping spot.

Don't worry. Still alert.
Don’t worry. Still alert.

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3 thoughts on “Frankie Suave Surveillance

  1. Mom sez: Ever on alert, from his vantage spot on the deck, he’s able to keep an eye on whatever’s happening, wherever it’s happening! Good thinking, Frankie!

  2. Smart boy, he can keep eyes on the fields and on Hu-Dad at the same time and plans ahead for the perfect napping spot. Smart as well as very handsome.

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