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Herd Walking The Neighborhood

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Most every afternoon, Hu-Dad takes us Herd Walking the Neighborhood. Since we don’t exactly have neighbors, that can be a quiet walk.

Herd Walking
Herd Walking

Hu-Dad is always mumbling, “A Tired Sibe Is A Good Sibe.” Somehow, that translates into us taking a long walk around our neighborhood every afternoon before we get dinner. After a long walk and dinner, we get really sleepy and, for some odd reason, that makes Hu-Dad smile. He’s weird like that.

Our neighborhood is not a traditional neighborhood since we don’t have a lot of neighbors. With the ski area closed for the season, it is really quiet right now – perfect for some walks.

Hope you enjoy seeing our neighborhood on this week’s Film Friday.

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10 thoughts on “Herd Walking The Neighborhood

  1. My goodness it is so beautiful there!!!

    Ok this may have just been the way the film was but is Head of Security Ms Kiska limping on her front left leg ? It looked like she was favoring it when you hit your lower field?

    • Miss Kiska can get tired on our walks, so towards the end she is not as enthusiastic as the beginning (and she loves starting the walks). But there are no known issues.

  2. Noticed a large chunk of Q’s hair missing there in the back. Did he blow too much or something happen? Leena is ejecting her hair like fighter pilots ejecting out of planes in movies right now.

    • Welcome to the mental world of the Q-Tip.

      He plucks himself.

      Yes, you read that correctly. He will start pulling his fur out with his teeth and swallow the fur. Once Hu-Dad sees him doing it, he puts a stop to it with some powder.

      P.S. – If you look at pictures from this time last year, he had a similar spot. Sigh.

      • I thought I remembered seeing him once with a clump missing there, but I couldn’t be sure. I never remembered it being that severe though!

        I’ve seen both of my last two rescue girls pluck themselves occasionally. But never consistently enough to know if it was intentional or not. And they never swallowed the fur, quite the opposite. Leena even required help defurring her mouth the last time! Poor dog.

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