We Are Ready For Bedtime

Hu-Dad was working on some busy-ness project much later than normal yesterday evening. Don’t we look like we are ready for bedtime?

Really, Hu-Dad, it is clearly bedtime.

Really, Hu-Dad, it is clearly bedtime.

Yesterday morning, we had a plumber at the house handling some repairs. Amazingly, we were not allowed to help. Something about our amazing cuteness would slow him and he charges by the hour. We are sure it was that and not the famous “getting in the way” excuse we usually hear.

Plus he had to run an errand into town which takes a couple of hours.

Apparently all of that – and his duties as doorman, butler and chef to us – caused his busy-ness projects to get delayed, so he was working on them beyond our bedtime. And we take that time very seriously.

Ready yet, Hu-Dad?

Ready yet, Hu-Dad?


  1. Lori on March 7, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Oh my! Delayed bed rest! Our Akita Izzy holds bedtime as sacred! Her evening goes like this.. . a nice evening walk, then about a half hour or 45 minutes later she has a little snack. Right about then she begins looking at us like “C’mon it’s time for bed!” If we are not ready to go yet, she curls up on her bed and watches for us to finally make the move to the kitchen to get her last evening treat which most certainly means it really is bedtime now!!!

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