Rainy Mondays & Book of the Week

Nothing is more boring than rainy Mondays. Hu-Dad says the worst part is we really did not get much rain (and we need some), it just drizzled and misted much of the day.

Helping the Hu-Dad in his study

How we help the Hu-Dad in his study.

Hu-Dad says rainy Mondays are really awesome because we all hang out in his study all day long making his work much more efficient. At least, we think that is the effect because he seems to have a lot of extra time to give us ear scratches and belly rubs.

Frankine getting some couch time.

Couch time

When we get tired of Hu-Dad tripping over us in the study, we move out to the couches in the den and do our best to get comfortable. Of course, some of us are much more skilled at getting comfortable than others.

Cheesewhiz showing how to really enjoy rainy Mondays.

Cheesewhiz demonstrates how to really enjoy rainy Mondays.

Book of the Week

Our book of the week selection is very localized to our area. In fact, it is written by the founder of our next door neighbor, Cataloochee Ranch. We love sharing pictures of the horses and cattle enjoying the 1000 acre ranch, but the book covers much more of the history of the area and Mr. Alexander’s experiences here – which led to the love he developed for our mountains. We hope you enjoy Mountain Fever.

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