Camera Aware

We know we post a lot of pictures of Typhoon, but he is just so photogenic. However, we have noticed that is becoming quite camera aware. Take for example this picture that Hu-Dad captured yesterday.

Photogenic Typhoon

Photogenic Typhoon

Good pose, right? But as every photographer knows, you take several pictures to make sure you capture just the right one. And Typhoon seems quite camera aware.

Winking at the camera

Winking at the camera.

And when Hu-Dad told him to stop hamming for the camera, he did what all good supermodels do – pout.

talk to the talent

Pbbbbbbt. How dare you talk to the talent like that.

Frankie would also like to point out that the zoom zoom birds were back. We have no pictures of Frankie today because he had moved to his indoor cave.

Barrel roll

Yes, the pilot was doing a barrel roll over our house.

Level again

And level again.

While Frankie was unimpressed, we think you might want to see some other pictures of the Navy jet over Chez Herd. Since this is OUR website, you will have to pop over to Hu-Dad’s site and check out this postΒ to see the rest of the pictures.



  1. Des on August 15, 2015 at 8:31 am

    You are a Super Star, Typhoon!

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