First Responders (Plus Book of the Week!)

The security alarm sounds. Potential intruder spotted. Just who are the first responders to such a crisis?

Frankie spots threat first

Frankie spots the threat first from his sentry tower (aka, picnic table).

Frankie sets off the alarm bells and the calvary is quick to arrive.

Q-Tip to the rescue

Q-Tip to the rescue

Ok, maybe Qannik is not the most threatening security, but he was close enough to be first to the fence line. No worries though, the real security was responding quickly.

QNTE responds

Queen Natasha the Evil is headed to the scene.

Formidable front line defense

Head of Security, Kiska, is right behind her Queen and now the front line defense is formidable.

And, yes, Typhoon was in the midst, though the Hu-Dad apparently failed to get a picture of him. Just like the Hu-Dad failed to identify what the intruder was. But we do notice a certain red head is missing.

Call me when something good happens.

I am comfortable. Call me when something good happens.

Last week’s¬†book recommendation was warmly received, so we thought we would try a book of the week segment to see if it is useful. These are books that the Hu-Dad has read and thinks may be of interest to our readers. Many will be about dogs, some about outdoor activities, and others may just be something interesting. If you have a book we should consider, please use the Contact Us page to let us know all about it.

Let the Dogs Speak! follows four puppies as they train to be service dogs through¬†Canine Companions for Independence. As you can see in the link, this book has 47 reviews on Amazon with a near perfect 5 star rating, so lots of people besides Hu-Dad really enjoyed it. The book contains some of the brilliant cartoons drawn by Penny Blakenship and author¬†Hudson, Parker, Ross and Mars really finds the voice of our canine heroes –¬†Hudson, Parker, Ross and Mars.

As we have mentioned before, the links above are our affiliate links with Amazon, so if you order the book via that link, we do receive a few cents that we use to defray the cost of running this website.

Happy Reading!


  1. All Things Collie on July 8, 2015 at 12:51 am

    We love the Book of the Week idea! Can’t wait to read about other books you have read!

  2. Marilyn on July 7, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    That is some cavalry!

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