Spring Walks

Spring. The weather turns warmer. The grading equipment is repairing our dirt road from a winter of freezing and weeks of mud. The grass is starting to green (and Hu-dad is sneezing). And we have daylight into the evening.

All of that means our favorite things – spring walks. There is something really nice about end of day walks that are leisurely and in pleasant weather – neither cold nor hot.

neighbor stroll

Out for a neighborhood stroll.

We did our favorite walk around the “neighborhood” yesterday. We take the horse trail from our house onto the ranch property, cross a creek and through some pasture land (the horses don’t come back from their winter home for a few more weeks, so the pastures are still ours to enjoy). The horse trail goes through a thick grove of Catawba Rhododendron, through another creek and then we climb to a dirt road which we take back to the “main” road (which is still dirt) and then to our road and back.

all business

The senior team is all business.

As we mentioned earlier, our road was being graded all day repairing the winter damage. Between snows, ice, rain, and lots of freezing and thawing, roads become muddy and very rutted by the end of the winter. So spring is the time graders come out and rebuild the roads for another year. Hu-dad thinks he might even be able to get out from the house without four wheel drive later this week (gravel is being trucked in over the next couple of days)!

The cool part about that for us – imagine the smells of freshly graded roads!

so much fun

Walking is so much fun! (This is the first road we mentioned, not our road back to the house).

But there is one final part that we think our readers will especially appreciate.

walking backwards

Typhoon walking backwards.

Yes, we had enough light that Hu-dad actually videoed parts of our walk so that you can all see the incredible backwards walking Typhoon. We promise to have the video edited for tomorrow’s post.

Oh, happy spring walks!



  1. Charlotte Anderson on March 17, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    All The Herd look happy and Ty looks happiest of all. Looks to me like he loves you a lot & wants to make you laugh!

  2. KJ Pierson on March 17, 2015 at 7:25 am

    it still amazes this hu-dad that he is able to walk that fast backwards.

  3. Zoe on March 17, 2015 at 5:41 am

    There he is… Such a happy boy!!!
    I do have a question, when you hook him up to “pull” does he try to walk backwards? Or do you not do that?

  4. Mom, Ice 'n Ebby on March 17, 2015 at 3:34 am

    Mom sez: Oh, I DO so love Ty’s “tu-tu”!
    As for his walking backwards, Ice has begun walking backwards going up the stairs from the garage level to the main floor of the house. Not sure what THAT is all about!

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