Relaxing at Camp

After a long drive on Saturday, we made it to our camping spot, so Sunday was a great day for relaxing at camp.

Hanging out

Hanging out in the campsite – Left to right – Kiska, Natasha, Qannik, Frankie, Typhoon, and Cheoah.

We love using our picket line in a campsite so that we can hang outside and enjoy watching everyone walk by. And, for some weird reason, they always seem to notice us.

Enjoying your walk

Hi passerby. Are you enjoying your walk?

Oh, and don’t worry. Our cousins, Tartok and Ruby, are in the next campsite.

Yes, the cousins are here.

Yes, the cousins are here.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****

After our post yesterday about where we ride in the RV, a reader asked how we decided who rode where. In particular, the question was why Typhoon was not one of those riding in a crate.

Ok, so the background is that we have four crates built into the bunk beds, but we do not use those for traveling for safety reasons, only for sleeping in the campground. When the side wall slide is in, the bunk beds are not accessible so an emergency evacuation would be difficult. We only use the two crates in the over the cab space while driving (secure and accessible) and use seat belts for the other four.

So why isn’t Typhoon up there? Prepare to laugh. For all of Typhoon’s bravado, he has a little issue about height. He will not jump out of the Jeep by himself, so he has to be lifted out and placed on the ground. In the RV, that means he is very difficult to get out of the even higher overhead crate as he is concerned about getting too close to the edge. Thus, the overhead crates went to Cheoah (the lightest besides Typhoon) and Frankie (the most cooperative member of The Herd).

This will sound crazy to those people who have seen Typhoon jump (he has about a six foot vertical jump from a sit) or play (bounding off of couches, chairs, other dogs, etc.), but he really does not like height. Go figure.

Now, to the others, since Natasha is riding near the Hu-dad in the navigators seat, she is actually connected via seat belt to the dinette area (she has just enough reach to get beside the driver’s seat). That leaves room for two on the couch and one more at the dinette. If Typhoon sits with anyone else, he tries to get Siberian games going – which, amazingly, are not approved as we are going down the highway. Thus, Typhoon gets the lone dinette seat and Kiska and Qannik share the couch.

So thank you for the question and we hope you enjoyed the answer.


  1. Mom 'n Ice on December 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Mom ‘n Ice: Also agree with Zoe’s comment. Love reading the longer stories about the everyday happenings of The Herd, along with the photos. This way, I’ve pretty well come to know them all by “personalities” as well as by looks, as in the photos. (And yes, Frankie is STILL my “favouritist”! For me, he took Rusty’s place in my heart!

  2. Lisa on December 8, 2014 at 10:44 am

    I agree with Zoe’s remark!

  3. Zoe on December 8, 2014 at 5:39 am

    Love seeing your sibe family every morning but especially love the longer narratives
    Thank you for sharing

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