As part of her TPLO recovery, Natasha’s walks are away from the rest of The Herd so that no one tries to instigate a play session. Not that some greetings don’t happen through the fence.

early evening walk

Typhoon spies the Queen out for an early evening walk.

long time

Long time, no chat, Queen.

emulate lessons

I have been trying to emulate all of the lessons that you taught me.

get well soon

Get well soon, Queen!

Natasha has always treated the youngest member of The Herd well, probably because he is as impish as she was as a pup. You couldn’t really see it in the pictures above, but they did play bows to each other through the fence. Trust us, that is not a normal greeting for the Queen to everyone else.


  1. Carolyn on October 26, 2014 at 7:53 am

    Do you think she has chosen him as her eventual successor, so she adores him a little extra? 🙂 Or maybe it is just because he is so darn adorable (though my heart is still with Frankie!). I had a huge scare last night – both mine went chasing after something in the dark, and both were limping and I had a genuine freak-out moment that they’d done what your two did! Shelby is still limping a little but Maddox is fine. Your two showed how easy it is get an injury! Glad to see Natasha doing so well.

    Oh Question: Since Cheoah roughhouses with her boys, will you be giving her extra time to make sure she is well before letting her rejoin them? It must make her a sad puppy that her boys are out there without her! Poor girl!

    • D.K. Wall on October 26, 2014 at 8:32 am

      Not sure if you saw the Hu-dad’s reply to you on Facebook, but he saw your post. Hope Maddox and Shelby are fine.

      As for Typhoon’s status, we have always joked that Natasha likes to surround herself with “bling” – those good looking guys that make her look like the leader she is. Typhoon is probably just a part of that bling.

      And, yes, we will be moving very slow in reintroducing Natasha and Cheoah to the roughhousing of the pack. As much as they both want back out into Sibe Quentin, they are just going to have to be patient.

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