Mine’s Bigger

Sticks and Souvenirs

Did you see that little stick Queen Natasha had yesterday?

Bigger stick

THIS is a stick. A MUCH bigger stick.

Bigger stick 2

What do you think of that, Queenie?

Queen in the Jeep

Hu-dad? Can you drive while I take care of the insolent little pup?


  1. Jo on March 1, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    The Evil Queen could put so many hurts on your stick carrying mouth, somebody would have to feed you soup through a straw. I would be most careful of my actions if I were you, Typhoon!


  2. houndstooth on March 1, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Uh oh! Typhoon, I think you might want to consider relocating yourself!

  3. Susan and Wrigs on March 1, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Impetuous little whippersnapper! You are playing with fire (and sticks), Typhoon!

  4. Ice 'n Ayla on March 1, 2013 at 3:34 am

    Ayla sez: You better watch it, Typhoon, coz I’ll bet hers is easier to carry when she chases you. Yours is so long you’ll get all tangled up in it, trying to run from her. Then you’ll drop it, and she’ll end up getting it anyways!

  5. Donna Wolfe on March 1, 2013 at 3:03 am

    Careful pup, upstaging the Queen – NOT a good idea!

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