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Enjoying the Scenery

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Sunday was one of those beautiful, sunny, clear blue-sky days that we get on rare occasions in the winter.  The scenery was stunning. With over 20 inches (500 mm) of rain in the first two months of the year, not to mention all of the snow that has melted, most of our world is muddy, muddy, muddy. But our section of the Blue Ridge Parkway is still closed for the winter because of ice and snow, so we are able to hike on dry roads without worrying about traffic.

Closed Parkway
A closed Blue Ridge Parkway.

While the Parkway is gorgeous to drive, there is something magical about the ability to walk it in the peace and quiet of winter.  You see so many details and so much wildlife by walking.  Not to mention, you get to really relax with the long range views and enjoy the scenery – because there is no one else to disturb you or tell you to hurry along.

Sunday scenery
Sunday was a beautiful, cool winter day – perfect for enjoying the scenery.
View of scenery
Even the dogs seemed enamored with the views.
Right look
But, wait, what is over there?
What is Q-Tip so concerned about?
Oh. He is keeping an eye on the youngsters who were getting a little restless with the view break.

Well, almost no one else to tell you to hurry. Except for young, impatient, “We have to be moving” pups.

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5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Scenery

  1. I understand them so very well. I have AD/HD and even though I love the great outdoors and all the views, I can only stand still for only so long. I will admit when riding bikes my hubby gets impatient on how slow i ride lol. I’m still moving though. I keep telling him I have to look at everything. If you want me to move faster, you have to go somewhere boring. Great pic’s. Hugs and kisses to the herd.

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