Water Woes

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  1. It’s gotta be a “SiberThing”, because that was our Kiah to a “T”, and now Ayla does the same thing. Kiah used to stick her head right under the water, come up with a mouthful, then open her mouth and just let it run all over the floor. Looks like that’s the same thing Cheoah is doing.

  2. Oh thank god, I’m so happy my Juno quit doin that for the most part. There would be water covering our kitchen almost every single day from her dunking her under and digging at the water bowl.

  3. My Nakisha used to do that with a bowl, the last two didn’t. It looked like Cheoah was after something in the bottom, is the bottom shiny enough to have the goggies reflection?

  4. So that’s how it’s done properly. My hu-dad complains that I wet the floor, but I see now that I have not even begun to master the skill.

    Bow down to the Great Cheoah!


  5. Well we call our Sophie (Tsunami Sophie) because when she gets a drink their is water all over the kitchen floor. We even keep a towel on the floor so we can wipe the floor with out feet.
    But after watching this video, Sophie comes in a distant second to Water World Champ, Cheoah.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  6. No, thank you, Hu-Dad, for sharing the Otter’s Waters with us. (Is Cheoah your Significant Otter?)

    I like to do the furry same thing, I have a bowl in the kitchen and its really not big enough to get my feets in good, but outside I have a pail like yours and I get in good, plenty wet at head and feets. I especially like it after walking when its hot out. I like shaking on my Mom too, cuz she will shriek a little.

    I am five years old too, do you spose that has anything to do with this? Nah, nah!


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