Ruby Tuesday – Eight is Enough – The Beach Version

On Sunday, we made a post to our Facebook Page that our hu-dad said that we had plenty of time to walk on the beach before an afternoon storm rained on us.  The whole story is that he checked and they said a storm would hit between 6 and 7.  So he decided a long walk around 3 would mean we were back in plenty of time before it rained.  Guess what?  At 4 it rained like crazy.  Between 6 and 7, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and 8 Siberian Huskies were laying in the sun trying to dry their fur.  Not the point of this post – but making fun of the hu-dad is one of our favorite activities.

Oh, wait a minute, did we mention 8 Siberian Huskies?  Yes, The Herd Annex – Tartok and Ruby – are at the beach with us along with the hu-grandmom in her RV.  On Sunday afternoon, the hu-grandmom decided not to join a beach walk, but Tartok and Ruby joined the Herd for an eight dog, two person walk down Huntington Beach State Park.  Here is video proof.


26 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday – Eight is Enough – The Beach Version”

  1. What a great little video. Love seeing the herd in action. I was disappointed though. I thought you were at Huntington Beach near me!!! I would have loved to meet you and walk with you! BearHUGs!

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys are too funny for words! Loved seeing all eight of our Herd Friends together, it was really cool.

    ~ Mojo and Daisy

  3. They’re staring because of Rusty. what a clown! i wonder why he does that?

    but 8 huskies? i would SQUEAL and run over and ask if they were friendly and if it was ok to pet…then you’d never get your walk done.

    you guys take the best vacations!

  4. So, which one was David? and Mary? and Joanie? and Tommy? and well, woo get the idea!!!

    Oh how my mom loved that show!

    She’s silly sometimes

    PeeEssWoo: Make that silly most of the time!

  5. What an awesome video. I wish the hu-grandmom could have gotten a shot of you all coming back into camp. I would love to see all eight across. Well at least 7 across and one behind!

  6. Thats worth a second watch, you know. Rusty and hu-dad fighting for space, the extra pair. I can’t imagine why you drew glances from other beach walkers!

    Hope you are having great fun!

    Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  7. That’s a sight I’d love to see, and so would Ice, and the Hu-Mom & Dad. Wouldn’t think it was weird at all. Too bad it rained on your parade! All eight SiberKids strung out across a road would be a real sight to see.

  8. Okay, eight Sibes? I would not be standing there staring, I would be in the middle trying to pet them all! Okay, MAYBE after snickering and pointing at Rusty! I love how the technique has fallen into place to just throw the leash over the shoulder and let him walk, then try to lure him back up with the rest. Rusty will always have his only unique inner drummer, though!

  9. “Hey! Whadda yew lookin’ at!” That’s what we would have said. The Herd Walk looked awesome: so calm, so disciplined, so majestic! We bet 8 wet Sibes are delightfully fragrant!

  10. No way is 8 enough! If we came along, you know it is cheaper by the dozen:)

    Mom is convinced that Lightning is related to Rusty – two goofy boys!

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara and Lightning


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