Whiny Wednesday (Cheesewhiz Style)

20 thoughts on “Whiny Wednesday (Cheesewhiz Style)”

  1. LOL! Poor Cheezwhiz. My Rat Patrol heard me playing this vid and were dancing around on the bed wondering where the other doggie was.

  2. you mean “you want some cheese with that WHINE?” OMG, I saw the STINK EYE! awesome. I notice how even Frankie, the new kid on the block, learned real quickly to ignore her!

    but i gotta tell you, she is very quiet compared to Loki. I’m serious. unless that was her quiet whine. cuz when we get out of the car to get the dogs out… OMG, everyone within a 1/2 mile radius is staring at us and his commotion. no lie.

    so i’m impressed with cheesewize but i’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even notice her whines if you had Loki…

  3. OH MY! That was just the best whining I have heard in a long time. How cute! Love the subtitles! The doggies in my office were having a howl fest listening to Cheeswhiz. They kept cocking their heads wondering why that fabulous sound was coming out of the little white box under my desk. Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. Cheoah, sorry, but it doesn’t seem so genuine when you can lie down and whine. The rest of the Herd seem to know that you are really faking it.

  5. We feel for you Cheesewhiz. The injustice we have to go through. Our hu-mom said it must be a red sibe thing….cause my red fur bro-Elmo does that as well.

  6. Poor, poor Cheesy – to be locked up soo cruely. You could at least feed the poor little thing! Do give him a big hug for me.

    D.K. Wall, I really, really do like your Sibe Tales. Your writing is excellent, your humor is truly funny and your pics are beautiful. Keep up the good work!

    I have just recently discovered the world of blogging. Do you have an icon for my desk top linking me to your blog?

  7. Solo by Cheesewhiz!!!! Nia is our resident whiner & boy can she be loud especially when she wants to be walked!!
    Licks & Nibbles,
    Kody & Nia

  8. So Cheoah has a few things to say . . .I say let him!
    I don’t hear him (just see his mouth going), the rest of the herd has selective hearing, and the people walking by think its funny!

    Go to it Cheesie!



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