Friday Foto – Doing the Charleston

The Herd sightseeing by walking down the Battery in Charleston, SC.

P.S. – Yes, the hu-dad was wearing his goofy hat as you can see in the shadows, but he was NOT wearing his camouflage socks with sandals.

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19 thoughts on “Friday Foto – Doing the Charleston

  1. So glad for The Herd’s sake that the Hu-dad did not cause a fashion faux pas by wearing the camo socks with sandals while in downtown Charleston!
    Licks & Nibbles,
    Kody & Nia

  2. I bet the crowds part like the red sea when you guys come walking down the street.

    It would be so fun to see that.

    One time, you should have your humans take a freind on your walk, run ahead of you and turn around and get pictures of how you look coming towards them.

    I bet it is a sight to see.

    Hey, I wanna see that……

    How about it?


  3. That’s a great shot!
    The hu-dad doesn’t wear a Tilley hat, does he? BOTH our mom and dad are wearing them for garden stuff or golf. I don’t quite get it. Maybe I should try one on.
    Play bows,

  4. I like Bert’s idea, about having someone ahead of the Herd, taking pictures of you from the front. You know what they say — If you’re not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. And I’ll just bet you guys drew more attention than you gave, on that walk. After all, who wouldn’t want to see six beautiful Sibes walking in formation.

  5. We can’t even walk two pups without involving a light pole and other walkers!


    (P.S. – if the socks were camo, then nobody saw them? Tee-hee…)

  6. Paws crossed with good wishes, heads bowed in prayer… We send all the positive thoughts and well wishes for Handsome Kodi, and a huge serving of love for ALL of you! We SO wish we could help more!

    P.S. And now the Mom is off to google the hat thing… like her socks with slippers aren’t embarassing enough for us. Promise me the hat isn’t worse??? Sigh.

  7. Hey pups – great picture! Our dad has lots of silly hats too, but alas, no camo socks! We’re sending ya sibe vibes for Kodiak – hope he recovers quickly!

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