Who Has My Bully Stick?

All of the dogs enjoy their bully sticks, but Kodiak has learned how to savor his while Rusty chews it quickly – leaving the Rooster to wonder – Who Has My Bully Stick?


19 thoughts on “Who Has My Bully Stick?”

  1. Darn, I can’t watch the video. I’ll try again later as the server says that it is “currently unavailable”.

    Bully sticks used to be a fave of our dogs, until K got pancreatitis and all fun food treats were banned 🙁 She’s still a happy girl despite her deprivation…

  2. Rusty, that is just so unfair, the Hu-Dad should have given you another one instead of putting you through that torture. And look at Kodiak, just making you see how really tasty that bully stick was!!!

    Happy Saturday to all!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Rusty… you need to make your bully sticks last longer! And then…. maybe we will see Kodiak asking for yours!
    Hmmm… I hope it helps.
    Happy saturday
    Kisses and hugs

  4. There’s always someone who finishes first and protests, but when it’s Rusty involved, there ought to be a law against Rusty Deprivation! We’ll call it Rusty’s Law and write in an exemption about pizza bones and beer on Friday and Saturday nights!

    Am I a bad person because I was giggling so much that I had to watch it twice?

  5. Oh poor little Rusty! You have such a hard life, how do you get by??? I heard all your woo’s, call me if you need to vent!

  6. Ok, should I be the ONLY woo-one to point out that the snowflake, AKA, motormouth, is not only KENNELED but quiet as a mouse? geesh… maybe his nickname is a little unfair? 😉

    we watched it twice too…one for me, one for mr. Wild Dingo who came over to see who was making all that woo-in’ on the computer… Mr. Wild Dingo loves the herd and appreciates all the hu-dad’s sass…

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