Qannik Gives at the Office

As we mentioned last week, our good friends at Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation asked us to lead the annual Downtown Dog Walk August 7 at 10 a.m. in Waynesville. Accompanying the press release was the following photograph of Qannik at last year’s dog walk:

Concentrate, concentrate.

Ok, ok, at least the people at Sarge’s know exactly what they have invited to represent them.  We thought of lots and lots of possible captions for that picture, but don’t want to distract you from the big Walking with The Herd Contest! The rules are at this link and the entry form is HERE (Feel free to share those links on your blog).  Enter the contest to win a t-shirt of you walking with The Herd as we lead the big parade.  Checks and forms have been arriving at Chez Herd all week and we can’t wait to see who wins.


We have already raised enough money to pay for Sarge’s food bills for one month.  One whole month. Last year, Sarge’s rescued over 2,000 dogs and cats.  Imagine what they will do in 2010 with your help!


  1. The OP Pack on July 14, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Ha Ha – love it!!! Good luck with the walk – hope lots more green papers come Sarge’s way.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Kari on July 13, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    an entire month of food? Thats amazing

  3. Twinkietinydog on July 13, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    You don’t even have to say please. I’ll also leave me a note right this moment on my blog so I can spread the word next Tuesday.


  4. Lorenza on July 12, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Poops! I mean… Ooops!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Maxx on July 12, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Bravo Qannik!


  6. Deborah on July 12, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    What a great idea! We are going to enter, my printer will be working by tomorrow, so I will be back to fill out your form. It’s really a nice that you walk for such a great cause.

  7. Huffle Mawson on July 12, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Who could resist that face?

  8. siku marie on July 12, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    Great cause; and great team to lead the parade. I love that Qannick is just himself, totally comfortable, no pretense, no fancy aires! Already sent in our entry will post a link on our blog.

  9. Biloxi and Siber-sibs on July 12, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    HaRoooo Qannik!
    Dem pupperazzi sure is sneaky catchin’ woo in a delicate sit-sheashun.

    Husky kisses,

  10. gus, louie and callie on July 12, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Oh how great.. Now that was a special picture. he he

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Sagira on July 12, 2010 at 5:46 pm

    That will be super exciting. Keep up your great work!

  12. El'bow & Hauwii on July 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    yeah do a little doo in the middel of the street
    we love that 😀

    El’bow & Hauwii

  13. Sammie on July 12, 2010 at 11:25 am

    What a story and so wonderful that you lead this special walk, Herd! Just staring at the envelope I just addressed to you and will mail off as soon as Mom decides to really “get up” this am! Again, we’ve been late with our comments – my assistant/Mom has no idea how to balance her life with two puppers now as well as my blog and HER life (pffft – hey! It’s all about US!) – but we don’t know HOW you do it! Mom needs some pointers!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  14. The Army of Four on July 12, 2010 at 11:18 am

    Ha roo roo roo! Way to go, Qannik! That’s something I’d do!
    Tail wags,

  15. jack & moo on July 12, 2010 at 10:43 am

    We’re at a loss fur words. must have ben a shock to have them dump that photo in the press release like that!!!

    jack a-roo & miss moo

  16. Stella on July 12, 2010 at 10:40 am

    We only wish we could be there in person, not just in spirit!


  17. Zona on July 12, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Don’t the paparazzi always wait until the most inopportune moment to snap the picture??

    The parade is going to be so pawsome! What a wonderful cause!


  18. DogsMom on July 12, 2010 at 9:17 am

    Congratulations on this huge honor. Thank you for making it an even bigger and more meaningful event.
    I will be spreading the news.

  19. Houndstooth on July 12, 2010 at 8:53 am

    Qannik, it just figures that when you become a celebrity, there’s always some photographer hiding in the bushes, just waiting to catch you in a compromising position! We can’t wait to hear about you all walking in that parade. It’ll be the best the city has ever seen!

  20. Mr Koda MD on July 12, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Excellento! I’m super glad those cheques are going to go towards a worthwhile cause!

  21. Life With Dogs on July 12, 2010 at 1:24 am

    I am so psyched for you that you are able to do this – and so proud of you for turning it into something even better…

  22. Khyra on July 12, 2010 at 1:06 am

    I’m moved beyond words and then some!


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