Sarge’s “Walking with the Herd” Contest

Thanks to everyone for your participation.  The walk raised almost $25,000 for Sarge’s and The Herd was proud to be $1,110 of that total.  We thank all of our readers for their selfless contributions.  Lots of dogs and cats will be saved from euthanasia and will find new forever homes because of your generosity.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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Contest time! This is your opportunity to win a “Walking with the Herd” Contest – even if you are not physically close to us. Through the magic of the internet, you will have an opportunity to Walk with us as we raise money for Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation.

Through the magic of Photoshop, you will be able to be in the picture with us as an Honorary Member of The Herd as we march down Main Street with the Sarge’s banner on August 7.  Yep, for every $5 donation, we will be throwing your name in a hat and very scientifically drawing a name to see who our lucky winner is.  Just CLICK THIS LINK, complete the form, write a check to SARF – of any size – ALL donations are welcome and tax deductible – and you might win a genuine Thundering Herd t-shirt commemorating this year’s walk.

Picture YOU and The Herd in the picture on a t-shirt this year!

Who is Sarge?.  Sarge himself was a young, healthy, purebred German Shepherd who was taken in by Haywood Animal Shelter and identified for rescue by a volunteer.  But transport arrived an hour too late because Sarge had been euthanized to make room in an already overcrowded shelter.  SARF was formed as a 501(c)3 charitable foundation to reduce the unnecessary destruction of healthy animals in Haywood County North Carolina (where we live).  Though separate organizations, SARF works closely with Haywood Animal Welfare Association, an organization dedicated to providing low cost spay and neuter program to local residents.

Milling about waiting on the Dog Walk

SARF and HAWA have been very effective in reducing euthanized animals in our county.  In fact, in 2009, over 50% of all of the animals impounded at our shelter were rescued.  Over 2,000 dogs and cats were rescued, including 320 dogs and cats that were transported via the Dixie Transport to our friends in the Northeastern states that are way ahead of us in reducing euthanasia of healthy animals.

Tartok, Natasha, Kiska and Qannik in the Dog Walk

But much work remains to be done.  Sarge’s goal is to increase that adoption rate north of 90%.  As one of its fundraisers each year, Sarge’s sponsors the annual Downtown Dog Walk that parades through Waynesville (six – count them – six grueling blocks!) and then ends on the Courthouse lawn where contests and social events happen.  The Herd has proudly marched in the walk all except one year and became a sponsor last year (and is a sponsor again this year).

Kiska, Qannik, Rusty, Natasha and Kodiak in the Dog Walk

We were stunned when Sarge’s reached out to us and asked that we lead the parade this year with the banner.  We are also a little concerned that some Herd antics might kick into gear knowing that people will be lining the street, taking our picture, and cheering us on as we lead a couple of hundred of our closest canine friends down Main Street.  For once, the police escort will be a good thing!

Cheoah and Rusty showing off their stylish Sarge's Dog Walk bandanas

How can you participate?  If you are anywhere close, come march with us.  Register online or print this form, and then have your friends sponsor you, and come march with us on August 7.  Please, please, please stop by and introduce yourself to us.  We are usually pretty easy to spot in a crowd, for some reason.

Come walk with Kodiak - and support our walk!

Or, as we mentioned above, fill out this form, whip out the checkbook, save some dogs’ and cats’ lives, and you might even win a t-shirt with you walking in the Dog Walk with The Herd.  What could be better?