February 18, 2010

Walking Rusty the Rooster


Rusty the Rooster has always been a very unique member of The Herd. Β He does everything in his own style and on his own time.Β  And that includes walking Rusty the Rooster, a simple event that brings its own challenges.

Many of you have seen his behind the human’s legs walk. We never taught him to do that and have no clue why he does it. But on any walk, he is sure to fall into that rhythm of walking behind the human, swaying from side to side to keep his front paws dropping right where the human’s foot has just been

During a snowy walk around the neighborhood, the human decided to play the games back on The Rooster. He responded and the games escalated

Hope you enjoy:

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  1. Great jumps!

    Rusty, you are my kind of pup! I love pups that think outside the box, do their own thing, break free of social norms. You forge your own path, even if it is behind your human’s legs.



  2. OK, now I’m convinced. R comes to your house secretly to get lessons from Rusty. R does exactly that same thing, but he reserves it for when he wants to rapidly get his human to go someplace in particular. He head butts the backs of my knees as he walks with continuous pressure on my legs from behind. I can’t ever see it (I need a videographer like you have…) but I bet that it looks almost the same. The one difference is that he yips at me as he does it. I guess that’s R’s special flourish added to this technique!

    The similarities are too much!!!


  3. We are rolling on the floor laughing at you and Rusty the Rooster this morning. And yes, we agree with the herd, little worry about brainal damage there.

    Jo and Stella


  4. If you had six Golden Retrievers on a leash at once, we would be going in six different ways. You all walk good. They say you should “lead, follow or get out of the way”. It looks like each of you is following a different part of that saying. But why walk by a stream without getting into it?

    Mogley G. Retriever


  5. A nice polka tune would have worked!

    Ah yes: RUSTY!

    PeeEssWoo: The thought bubbles above the other members of the red team were so telling even if they weren’t there – I saw ’em!


  6. Juno goosed me this morning during training! I think she saw this video before me!

    And the black/white team is totally dignified. except for Snowflake. Love the way QNtE T’s off with Snowflake when she catches up to him. cute. like, what is she really gonna do to him while on leash?

    And of course Roo Roo… OM Dawg… how rude to tease the Roo-master! Juno would like for you to send him here so she can show him how to goose the human while he’s back there!

    and one question: do you think they can jump any higher? and do you have any holes in your ceilings?

    wild dingo


  7. Ok, first I though maybe Rusty was part Kangaroo based on his jumping at the door. Then, when I saw the walking, I am starting to wonder if he is part Border Collie since he feels the need to HERD you! I definitely don’t think he’s a Sibe, cuz we PULL!! You might want to check for a zipper on that Sibe suit!!

    Phbbb and KhL


  8. Rusty,

    Have you ever tripped your hu-dad over before with your trick? My bro Elmo is a lighter shed of your color and he jumps at the door just like you too!!! Must be a read team thing….


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