Nearly a National Crisis

Enjoying the long weekend, our humans were able to get a parking space in front of one of their favorite downtown Waynesville dining spots for lunch on Monday.  Smoky Mountain Cafe is right on Main Street and our humans even scored an outdoor table so they were able to eat just a few feet away from where they parked the Jeep – which meant near us.  Apparently, they really like to watch us while they eat and we are surrounded by tourists.  We are not sure why.

There were lots of tourists still walking the sidewalks and our hu-dad kept a close watch on us.  A gentleman stepped out of the cafe with his wife and two kids.  They stopped and admired us (of course they did), but our hu-dad kept thinking that the man looked very familiar.  He thought, and thought, and thought and it suddenly hit him.


We were talking to Congressman Heath Shuler. Ok, he was not wearing his suit and was not standing by the flag, but it was suddenly obvious who he was.  Of course, we always knew, but our hu-dad is a little slow.

For some odd reason, our hu-dad suddenly had visions of us picking that moment to have a squabble, or howl at the moon (it was noon – how could we?), or horka some object up in the back of the Jeep, or Qannik lift a leg and aim, so our hu-dad scrambled up to the Jeep and asked us to behave.  Sheesh, dad, what else would we do?  Snicker.

And here is the really cool part.  In the conversation, we discovered that Congressman Shuler has an Alaskan Malamute.  Ok, it is not a Siberian Husky, but we salute a Nordic Breed anytime we can (maybe Hbbb knows him).  We did look at the picture above for Malamute hair, but did not see any.  Oh, well.

So Congressman Shuler, cool to meet you and your family.  Hope to see you again.

P.S. – Because we are mountain pups, we follow a pair of Labradors and their mom on their daily adventures in the Colorado mountains.  Unfortunately, one of the pair – K – is very sick at the moment and needs lots of good thoughts and wishes.  Though things are sounding better today, K would appreciate your well wishes.  Can you take a moment and go visit them at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies?  And if you love mountain views, boy do they have them!

15 thoughts on “Nearly a National Crisis”

  1. Wow, that is really cool!!! It’s not often you hear of people, especially THOSE kind of people, having Mal’s. That is very cool, even though I don’t know him.

    He must have a really good fur removal tool if he doesn’t show any fur. We really do our best to leave it everywhere we can. But, you all know how that works!!


  2. The herd has dignitaries coming to pay homage! Not to their humans but to them.

    I had the same reaction – look for fur on his suit after hearing that he had a malamute. It looks like he keeps that suit in a malamute-free area.

    Thanks so much for your support for K and me. I think that she’s coming home today!

  3. Wow, now the TH is even more famous. Did you get close enough to let him take home a few sibe hairs for his malamute to sniff?

    We will go visit your labfriends now.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Wooos! cool celebrity, Mom has a soft soft for Malamutes too, but we do not see too many here.
    We will go visit your friends togive them healing sibe vibes!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  5. It would figure he’d have one of THOSE kinds of Northern Breeds….

    Off to visit your pals and leave some khrossed pawed words of support!


  6. My Mom bought some Sibe yarn from a lady today. She is going to knit a Kitty out of it! Can you even magin that?

    Its always good to know your local legislators. A big issue comes along and DK calls a guy he Knows!

    We visited your sick pal today. Sad story indeed that a dog who lives in paradise should get sick!


  7. He probably does not have dog hair on him in that photo because he employs someone whose special job it is to follow him around with a lint roller. I will go visit your friends now.

    Huffle Mawson


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