End of Weekend

The weather was perfect.  Few clouds in the sky.  Warm, but not hot, temperatures.  A constant cool breeze.  Kodiak’s only question was why oh why did the weekend have to end.



10 thoughts on “End of Weekend”

  1. PLEASE share THAT weather…it sukhks here! It is khurrently 65 degrees…at 545am!

    And it made the low 90’s on Sunday!

    Happy Monday!


  2. Wooo! Sound like you had a nice weekend, much better than mine. I see Khyra is complaining about the weather, silly dog, she has no idea……

  3. Ours is the worstes of all. 45 degrees, rain or light snow, 15-20 mph winds. Just perpetually icky is what our weather is.


  4. hey,

    Lucky dogs! Can you paw your weather my way? I have been in tornado weather all week-end, fun and exciting but now a bit too wet and windy for me!

    I love the sticking-out-your-tongue photo. I should learn to do that!


  5. Love the tongue.

    I hope we dont just skip spring, not that I have ever experienced one. Anywoos, paws crossed for cooler weather and a Hawks win(John said that).

    Paws n fuzz.


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