So where were we headed on our walk in the snow?  Kiska always checks in to see what’s what:

Where are we going?

We were headed to Thunderstruck Ridge and this fabulous view:

Thunderstruck Ridge

Nothing like a clear, cold, winter day for great long range views.


  1. Dannan & The Girl on December 16, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    Wrooooo! What a very good name for that place! Thunderstruck, for sure!

    Brown dog kisses,

  2. Thor and Marco Polo on December 14, 2008 at 5:18 pm


    What a beautiful view! You could walk forever and not run into people or cars, right?

    Thor and Marco Polo

  3. Steve & Kat on December 11, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Very nice. I’m jealous of your snow!


  4. Huffle Mawson on December 11, 2008 at 1:35 am

    Wow what a view! I wonder if I should get a leash and go for walks too?

  5. Stella on December 10, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    This is a very beautiful place you live in. . .how far do you have to walk to see this view? Can you pups walk off-leash when you go there?

    When I first came, I never been on a leash much and loved to run and jump. My Mom told me then she has a very bad left knee and had a dislocated right shoulder this summer, so wild doggies on leashes were very hard for her to manage. We would just walk a block or two. But now if I walk not pulling, we keep going further and further. I’m getting it now!



  6. Turbo the Sibe on December 10, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Maybe someday, if I’m lucky, I’ll get snow. It snowed around us but NO snow here!

  7. The Army of Four on December 10, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    That is so pretty!!!!!! And the view of the mountains is nice, too. Um…. I meant the SNOW is so pretty! 🙂
    If you have any extra, would you please send it out here?
    Thank roo!

  8. Echo on December 10, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    That’s just gorgeous! Thanks fur sharing.

  9. Khyra on December 10, 2008 at 5:53 am

    Thunderstruck, thunderstruck
    Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck
    Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah

    Said yeah, it’s alright
    We’re doing fine
    Yeah, it’s alright
    We’re doing fine
    So fine

    Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah,
    Tunderstruck, thunderstruck, thunderstruck
    Whoa baby, baby, thunderstruck
    You’ve been thunderstruck, thunderstruck
    Thunderstruck, thunderstruck
    You’ve been thunderstruck

    And on a khlear day, woo khan see furever?

    PeeEssWoo: It’s Us and Them over at Turbo’s Blog!

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