August 31, 2008

Qannik’s Outtakes


As you saw yesterday, it is possible to get great pictures of The Herd.  However, not every picture comes out quite as crisply as you might like.  For example, here is one of the early pictures that I took yesterday of Mr. Qannik:

Qannik sitting pretty

Not bad, huh?  But it was not quite right, so I had to keep going.  

If you were a human TV star, before the picture, some make-up artist would powder your nose.  But, of course, a dog would never allow such a thing.  Instead, a talented dog like Qannik would handle the nose all by himself:

Licking his nose

The other problem as a famous model is that sometimes the camera operator is a little slower then you would like.  It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a focus and a discipline for the modeling session.  So when it gets too much, you may just start getting a little sleepy:

Qannik starting to fade

So the photographer continues snapping pictures, but with no treats in sight and no other humans coming up to tell you exactly how handsome you are, it just gets harder and harder to keep those eyes open.

Qannik slipping away

Inevitably, with the camera snapping away, that particularly unflattering shot is made that is the perfect tabloid fodder.  Kind of looks like a mug shot after a particularly hard night, huh?

Qannik about asleep

And so it goes in the life of a supermodel.

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