Siberian logic

Even when they are trying to behave, Siberian Husky logic skills are amazing.  Let me tell another Nikita story to demonstrate.

I wanted Nikita to be able to stay in the house while I was in the kitchen, but not constantly be begging for food.  I thought the easiest way to do that would be to teach her not to enter the kitchen.  The easy part was that the den and hallway were carpeted, and the kitchen had a linoleum floor.  So all I had to do was to teach Nikita she could not cross the line onto the floor surface.

Everytime Nikita would step onto the linoleum, I would make a noise and guide her back to the carpet.  She didn’t like it, but she got it fairly quickly and finally laid down on the carpet.  I turned my back for a second, looked back over for compliance, and saw Nikita was still laying down, but inching her paw onto the linoleum floor.  Correction.  Turn.  Inch.  Correction.  Turn.  Inch.  This went on and on.

Finally, Nikita stood up, snorted her disgust, and walked away from the kitchen.  Success!  Victory is mine.  For about 5 seconds.

Nikita walked through the den to the hallway.  Down the carpeted hallway to the back hallway.  The hall circled the kitchen.  And led to a second door into the kitchen.  And guess who magically appeared in the doorway grinning from ear to ear.

Oh – you said not to cross THAT line into the kitchen.  You didn’t say a word about not crossing THIS line into the kitchen.

Siberian logic.  Very smart.

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