Regal Rusty

About a month ago, I posted about the critical job of Alpha Male (second picture into this post) – remaining alert at all times and keeping an eye out for intruders while also not appearing to be stressed out.  Today, I once again share Rusty’s amazing ability to stand guard and protect the herd while also appearing regal:

Rusty at the Ready

That would be Rusty on the left with his legs crossed, Qannik with his head down, but his blue eyes alert, and finally, on the far right, Queen Natasha.  The only challenge though is that none of them could keep their eyes open for long (though Rusty does appear to be laughing at some joke):

Rusty laughing

I actually posted this because Rusty always has his legs crossed like this.  Once, while discussing this on Sibernet, someone said they could always tell a lead dog because they would cross their legs.  For the record, I think knowing your left paw from your right paw and having even a tiny bit of logic skill might be a more important characteristic, so Rusty will remain a wheel dog.

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