Hiking in the Rain

You may remember the story Rain Storm about getting caught by surprise in rain on a trail.  Well, this is different.  We did it on purpose.

We got up this morning a little slower than planned and ended up having a late breakfast / early lunch downtown Waynesville at one of our favorite Sunday spots.  We decided to do a single longer trail despite the drizzling rain, so we went up toward Black Balsam Road (a great trailhead with multiple trails snaking through the Pisgah National Forest).  We stopped just short of the parking area and started down the Art Loeb Trail, stayed with the Mountain to Sea Trail over Silvermine Bald and Chestnut Bald, and then did the spur over to Devil’s Courthouse.  Coming back, we opted for the Little Sam Trail and connecting back to the parking area via Flat Laurel Creek Trail – and then down the road to where we parked the jeep.  We certainly achieved Tired Sibes (and Tired Bi-Peds) since that was probably 8-9 miles in the rain.  Spectacular views from the cliffs along the Mountain to Sea Trail, though no really good pictures because of the fairly steady rains (and focusing on footing outweighed trying to get pictures).

Our editorial for the trails.  First up is Kiska.  I encourage you to click on the picture and enlarge it so you can see Kiska sticking her tongue out and saying pbbbbbbbt.

Kiska on MTS trail

Next up is the ever happy Qannik.  Through all of that fur, he didn’t feel the rain.  I really can’t explain how little mud he has on him – I had far more.  Anyway, he was clearly a happy camper.

Qannik in rain

On the way back from Devil’s Courthouse, we asked Natasha whether she wanted to go back via the way we came (MTS trail and Art Loeb) or take the other route (Little Sam).  She sat at the intersection pondering her choices:

Natasha at Little Sam

And decided Little Sam:

Natasha choosing Little Sam

My good lead dog got us back.  Of course, she picked the trail with the most streams to play in.  There is a huge surprise.

So a happy, and sleepy, Herd made it off the trail and headed home.  I had to stop at Mast General Store to pick up a new pair of hiking sandals – my old ones had waaaaaay too many miles on them.  The dogs love it because several of the store clerks saw us parking on Main Street and came running out to pet the dogs.  I went in to shop while they – and a few tourists – spoiled the dogs.  (and, yes, I can see the dogs from the shoe section).

Right now – six Sibes all sound asleep.  And I will join them shortly.

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