Summer Solstice

During the Summer and Winter Solstice, we pause to remember the Siberian Huskies who have been in our lives and our now waiting North of the Rainbow Bridge.  You can see many of the images and connect to some great stories at The Sibernet Memorial Site.  This is not meant to be a sad time, but a time to reflect back with happy memories.

It always gives me some time to think back on the great animals that have been a part of my own life:

Kaiser – A german shepherd we had when I was a toddler. ¬†My sole memory is of him carrying me around by my diaper, but I really don’t know if I remember that or just think I do because I have been told that so many times. ¬†Regardless, that is bound to leave you with a safe and warm feeling to have such a majestic dog care for you like that.

Poco РOk, this politically incorrect, but her real name was Pocahontas.  We had gotten her at my grandfathers in Nashville, TN, and were driving home to Charlotte, NC, with her still unnamed.  We passed the Cherokee reservation and my brother and I thought of Pocahontas.  I well recognize that Pocahontas was not Cherokee, but that is how it happened.  At least the name means Little Playful One and that would be accurate.

Harry T. Cat (as in Hairy the Cat) and Pepper – Funny thing about cats, they don’t really need names (they don’t respond to them anyway). ¬†Pepper got her name because on her first vet visit, they asked us what her name was and we looked at this all black cat and realized we could not say “Cat” which is what we called her (or That Cat or That Damn Cat). ¬†Being all black, she was instantly named Pepper, but only at the vets.

Coke and Gin – Hard not to think of these two together. ¬†While Ginger came into our lives two years after Cocoa, she left us only two months before Cocoa. ¬†I am convinced they became so¬†inseparable¬†that Coke just decided that she couldn’t be without her pal. ¬†Coke was very strong willed and paved the way for Siberian Huskies with that attitude. ¬†Gin was a gentle and compliant as could be. ¬†I always joked she was made from left over dog parts. ¬†Unfortunately, they were short of dog brains that day, but they gave her extra heart in return.

Coke and Ginger

Nikita РThe first Siberian and the one that is the reason I have the Herd today. Growing up, I had a friend who had a Siberian and I always wanted one. I loved Cocoa and Ginger dearly, but kept saying I wanted a Siberian and my S.O. found a litter of Siberian pups and brought Nikita home. I have never met a dog so stubborn, so animated, so absolutely incredible as that mischievious, fun-loving dog. I was the classic unprepared Siberian owner and fought through all of the escapes and other mischief (please, please, please read all about the breed before you get one РMost of the Herd is made up of Siberians that were originally bought by someone else who determined they could not keep a Siberian because of its ways).  Despite all of the trouble she was Рor, more likely, because of all the trouble РSiberian Huskies are my breed of choice and I can not imagine life without them.


Part of Nikita’s legacy is that she was the Mama Bear to Queen Natasha the Evil¬†who leads the Herd (from a four-footed perspective). ¬†This picture is a great mother / daughter picture as they both sit looking out at the snow one day.

Nikita and Natasha

So to all of you waiting at the Bridge, just wanted you to know you are still in our thoughts.  We will be lighting a candle today for you.


  1. Holly on June 21, 2008 at 2:44 am

    Mom’s sweet Shula is on the Sibernet list for rememberance on the solsstices. It is a time for us all to remember those we have loved and lost, and yet will see again some day. They are all wearing their silver harnesses with great pride.


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