Mar 112013
QNTE 1 souvenir

As Queen Natasha the Evil well knows, selecting the right souvenir from an adventure is critical.


In this case, winter is coming to an end, so she chose carefully.


After all, while we expect we will get another couple of snow falls, it is always possible that we have seen the last of snow.


Just in case, she selected carefully and carried it all the way back to the car.


Do you see the snow ball she is carrying in her mouth?

  6 Responses to “Selecting a Souvenir”

  1. Oh Natasha Queen of It All, you have set me up with a big smile first thing Monday morning. You are so fine.

  2. Well chosen, Queen Natasha, but we hope you brought an ice chest so you can save it for summertime.

  3. Is a snow making machine next on the shopping list? ;-)

  4. Ayla sez: Just wondering, Your Highness Natasha, did the snowball MAKE it back to the car?

  5. Awww…Hu-dad, put it in the freezer for her and get it out in August!

  6. That’s hilarious! Maybe you could put it in the freezer – she’d be so excited if you pulled it out and gave it to her in July. =)

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