Dec 292012

The sunsets at the beach can just be spectacular.

Moon rise

And then you turn around and see the beautiful moon rise.


Aren’t the views spectacular, Cheoah? Uh, Cheoah? Hello?

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  8 Responses to “Scenery at the Beach”

  1. Is he digging his way to China?

  2. Cm’on I can see the Moon rise every day!but Not every one knows or sees whats under ground?
    I do tho so let me dig it up! Helloooo I am the one with the superior nose!

  3. Your humans just don’t know what views they are missing underground!


  4. Looks like Cheoah is pretending to be a terrier today :)
    I might be a bit confused…Thought you in the mountains west of Asheville…what beach are you visiting here…It’s beautiful and you’re lucky to find an empty one for the herd to enjoy.

    • No worries on the confusion. We do live in Maggie Valley, NC, which is west of Asheville. But we are on one of our RV vacations to Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina.

  5. BOL! Now that is what I am talking about! Digging and chasing stuff down a hole!

    The beach is beautiful.

  6. Nothing beats that sunset/moonrise at the beach view. Spectacular!

  7. Clam digging today, are we, Cheoah?

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