Frank, Frankie Suave, Franken Monster


Came to us as a rescue from Siberian Husky Assist October 22, 2011, shortly after we lost Kodiak.  He had been picked up as a stray and been in rescue for a few weeks, but he seemed to fit easily into The Herd.  Estimates are that he was roughly two years old.


Confident enough to hold his own within The Herd, but good dog social skills too.  He fit easily into the pack because he was willing to defer to others, but not so weak as to let them bully him - a perfect mix of confidence and social skills.  Over time, that confidence has led him to be the default leader of the junior team - a role he didn't seek, but seems to fit him well. He prefers to be touching humans whenever possible and is quite the cuddler.


Deep, solid voice and will sing bass quietly with the rest of The Herd.

Where he sleeps

On the bed. Touching the Hu-Dad. Preferably using the Hu-Dad as a pillow.

Where he rides in the jeep

Frankie is tough on seat belts, so he prefers riding inside a crate.

Favorite activity

Being inside and with the humans.  He loves wrestling, but craves the human connection. He usually can be found within a few feet of the Hu-Dad around the clock.

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