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Typhoon Phooey, The Little Prince


We were devastated at the loss of Rusty and knew that we needed a fun-loving dog to bring some of the lost spark back. Interestingly, we were not convinced that Typhoon would fit based on what we had read about him on Siberian Husky Assist’s website, but we trusted them enough to take the two hour drive to meet him. As we walked around a large park and let him interact with each member of The Herd, it became clear that he was a good fit. Thus, on January 5, 2013, Ty (renamed Typhoon) joined The Herd.


Puppy. Need we say more. Ok, he likes to run, wrestle, play, and, most importantly, always be in motion. He likes to cuddle, for about five seconds. And then he needs to be in perpetual motion.


And we thought Cheoah was a talker. The boy talks inside, outside, in the car, at the vet’s (where we have to remind him to use his inside voice), and even during walks. Yep, just in case we did not attract enough attention walking six Siberian Huskies, now we have our own megaphone during those walks.

Where he sleeps

Crate. Oh, sure, he loves to snuggle in bed for a few minutes, but then he gets bored and goes exploring. Exploring never ends well. Thus, he sleeps in his crate.

Favorite activities

Did we mention running, wrestling and playing? His most unusual trait is his habit of collecting envelopes and stashing them in his crate. He does not destroy them, just hoards. Not sure we can explain why.