March 30, 2020

Frankie Suave Sunrise


We had a gorgeous, sunny weekend on the salt marsh of Murrells Inlet, so we were up early every morning for a Frankie Suave Sunrise.

I'm not sure I'm awake enough for this
I’m not sure I’m awake enough for this

Since our bedroom faces east, we can’t help but wake to the sun rising over the horizon. First yard time is usually to the glow of the sunrise over the salt marsh with Frankie Suave leading the security patrols.

What creatures have been near our fence?
What creatures have been near our fence?

The wildlife here wakes early with the birds fishing in the marsh, the squirrels scrambling about the yard, and even crabs clattering over the pluff mud. It all makes for some entertainment to watch.

Is it breakfast time yet?
Is it breakfast time yet?

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    1. Pluff Mud is an interesting substance which will rip shoes right off your feet. The wildlife and the marsh grass loves it, though.


  1. Wow! Beautiful ???? photos and wonderful descriptions of life on the Southern coast.
    My husband and I lived down south for a couple of years…the birds are Amazing, especially by the shore.
    And all the other life going on around you is also AMAZING!
    I remember seeing a group of thousands of Fiddler Crabs along a shore!!! It really keeps life interesting! ????????????


    1. We see thousands of fiddler crabs scurrying across the pluff mud and some of them make the mistake of wandering into the yard. Cheoah was the master at catching and eating them but Roscoe is fairly good at it too. And sometimes they get into the swimming pool which isn’t good for them or the humans.


  2. Frankie’s photos are really awesome. He has a lot to amuse him during the early hours! After he gets done looking and smelling he wants his breakfast-lol.


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