March 10, 2020

Roscoe Sad Eyes


Each one of us has a secret weapon we use to get the humans to do our bidding, though Roscoe sad eyes don’t seem to work on squirrels.

The eyes have been deployed on the Hu-Dad
The eyes have been deployed on the Hu-Dad

Roscoe is the master of the sad eyes to get the Hu-Dad to do what he wants. In this case, though, the secret weapon hadn’t been aimed at Hu-Dad as much as Roscoe’s greatest nemesis.

Come on, squirrels. look deep into my eyes
Come on, squirrels. look deep into my eyes

We know this may shock you, but the eyes didn’t work and the squirrels did not come over to play with Roscoe, much to his disappointment. Of course, then Roscoe suggested Hu-Dad get him a pet squirrel.

Want you get me some squirrels?
Won’t you get me some squirrels?

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  1. Oh Roscoe you could win over the world with those eyes! I will try to get some of my squirrels to take a trip south and play with you, Ruby won’t play with them and they do need a friend..


  2. Sorry I am late today Roscoe and YES-those eyes can really make we humans cave in BUT the squirrels will not I’m afraid. As far as Hu-Dad getting you a pet squirrel-NOPE!!


  3. This poor boy he just wants his own squirrel to call his own. How can Hu Dad not immediately get him his own?? ???????? ????


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