March 6, 2020

Rain Reactions


We’ve had water falling from the sky for three days and it poured buckets yesterday. We thought we would share the boys’ rain reactions.

I can't go out there—my feety-feet will get wet
I can’t go out there—my feety-feet will get wet

This weekend is supposed to be sunny which is good because it hasn’t done anything but rain for the last three days. Thursday was the worst with a steady, driving, relentless downpour. Our yard turnouts were quick and well-timed and Hu-Dad thought our reactions were priceless, such as Roscoe’s reluctance above. Though Frankie’s was worse:

I've decided to hold it for a few more hours—let me back in
I’ve decided to hold it for a few more hours—let me back in

When you are royalty, you know the world should bend to your every desire, so the Little Prince’s reaction was pretty much the same as for anything else.

I command you to stop or I shall snort and stamp my feety-feet
I command you to stop or I shall snort and stamp my feety-feet

Yeah, he does that a lot. Hu-Dad says it’s the price of living with a diva. But of all of the boys, we thought Landon’s reaction was the most typical.

Rain? What rain?
Rain? What rain?

P.S.—We know a post showing the four brothers will inevitably generate some questions about Miss Cheesy. She has had a challenging few weeks and needs assistance and careful supervision, so Hu-Dad has to focus on her and not his camera. She’s dealing with the challenges of being a senior she wishes all of you the happiest of weekends.

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  1. Prayers for the Queen of the pack…maybe the boys were worried about her, and not the rain! Well, we’ll assume that was it! Hope there’s no feety feet being g stomped this weekend! ????


  2. I’m always reminded of Agnes Sligh Turnbull’s quote, ”Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault really.” Thinking of Cheesy often as I deal with aging issues with Juno at 15 and a half.


  3. Sending warmest thoughts and prayers to Miss Cheese Whiz…
    We have a special place in our hearts for her♥️♥️
    Thanks for keeping us informed,she is truely LOVED.
    As always…the herd tunes us in to their world!!!


  4. I’ve been gone all day.
    O’ our darlin’ girl. the rain and damp probably not helping either.
    hang in there. we LOVE you!
    and that little Prince’s tail. OMGOSH. of course he KNOWS it’s beautiful.
    have a wonderful weekend Hu Dad. I hope the sun will shine for you soon. xo


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