Siberian O.K. Corral

Sunset is upon us as the two wily combatants eye each other in the street. With the flick of a paw, the Siberian O.K. Corral is upon us.

Frankie Suave, lawman in these here parts
Frankie Suave, lawman in these here parts

Frankie Suave, even-keeled in temperament and quick with the paw, is our respected lawman. He stays out of the minor squabbles but enforces the law when firmness is required. But sometimes the experienced lawman is challenged by the young desperado.

Landon "Boom Boom" The Bandit faces off with Sheriff Frankie Suave
Landon “Boom Boom” The Bandit faces off with Sheriff Frankie Suave

The youngster traveled into town, eager to earn his first notch, but little did he expect to be face to face with the legendary pawslinger. The crowd hushes, watching the drama, as the clock ticks. And then the bell tolls.

The draw!
The draw!

No Siberians were harmed in the making of today’s post. Landon is, however, once again rethinking his strategy of challenging his elders.

9 thoughts on “Siberian O.K. Corral”

      • I always thought Frankie would have been on the smaller side too… and that Landon was the largest.
        1. Landon
        2. Cheoah
        3. Typhoon
        4. Frankie
        5. Roscoe
        Even though we all see pictures, it’s interesting that their personalities (through your stories) also form somewhat of an expectation in our minds too.

        • Amusingly, that list is almost backwards. Cheoah is, by far, the smallest of the current Herd and Frankie is the largest. Roscoe is tall, but lanky and thin, lighter than Typhoon but heavier than Landon.

  1. Good looking boys! Siberians huskies are a joy to watch and interact with. You all live in a beautiful setting now but how far above sea level are you all? Hopefully the big Sibe RV is packed and ready to go when hurricane or typhoon(I lived at Clark AB on Luzon, Philippines 1986-89) season begins. It was either hot and dry or hot and humid in the Philippines! Was an eye opening experience but happy we left before Mount Pinatubo blew its top and destroyed everything at Clark and surrounding area in 1991. Motto “Be ready to bug out when necessary”

    • Part of our land is protected wetlands and is inundated twice a day. At the highest tides of the year (the King Tides), the water comes up to our fence. So, yeah, we are basically at sea level (which is why our house is on stilts). Fortunately, since we are on the salt marsh and not the ocean itself, the brunt of storm surges during a hurricane hits the barrier islands and lose some of their steam before they get to us. Still, in the worst of the storms, we are prepared to leave just like we were always prepared to leave the old house during fire season.

      • Thanks for your reply. Sounds like a nice situation! I do miss the ocean breezes but not the hog smells in Wayne County where I used to live before I moved to the NC mtns in 2011.


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