February 19, 2020

Wet Walking Woofs (or Woos)


Despite a steady rain yesterday afternoon, the boys of The Herd insisted on their second walk of the day resulting in some wet walking woofs.

Wet walking woofs (or is that woos?)
Wet walking woofs (or is that woos?)

We walk twice a day. That’s the rules. It’s in the Siberian Husky manual. We don’t believe in exceptions. So, yesterday afternoon, despite the steady rain falling from the sky, we began our chant for walks. Hu-Dad surrendered and off we went.

Over the wet trippy-trapp bridge
Over the wet trippy-trapp bridge

Two things of note. One, Cheoah doesn’t go on an afternoon walks, so that meant she stayed home where it was dry. Two, as amazing as this seems, we didn’t pass another human being out walking the trails. None. Silly humans.

Isn't walking in the rain fun, Hu-Dad?
Isn’t walking in the rain fun, Hu-Dad?

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  1. Tess is that way too! Must go for her walk rain or shine, no exceptions. Though she won’t stick her nose outside if its raining!! Silly girl 🙂


  2. Maybe The Siberian Husky Manual will be your next book! It would be a book any potential Husky owner should read!! Lists all the little quirks that makes each day interesting..


  3. Sharon Sammons -isn’t it funny how the dogs will willingly go for walks in the rain but go OUT in the rain in the yard-NOPE. LOVE TYPHOON asking if it’s fun yet while turned backwards!!


  4. I had to ponder this picture for a minute – remember the days when Typhoon was the skinniest? Now Roscoe is! Or perhaps he is the smoothest of the four. :).

    We do four walks a day but that’s apartment life for you. 🙂


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