Bigger Than A Seagull

During Roscoe’s daily search of Oyster Landing for a squirrel or bird he can catch, he discovered something that was bigger than a seagull.

Wow! That's bigger than a seagull.
Wow! That’s bigger than a seagull.

We mentioned just yesterday how Roscoe is forever searching for a slow squirrel or seagull in the hopes of becoming acquainted. When we arrived at Oyster Landing yesterday afternoon on our daily walk, a bird was standing at water’s edge. And he didn’t seem in a big hurry to fly away.

Yes, that bird is bigger than a seagull.
Yes, that bird is bigger than a seagull.

After a little consideration, Roscoe decided the best course of action was not to try to meet the bird. Two reasons. One, the bird already seemed a little preoccupied with his own dinner. And, two, he was nearly as tall as Roscoe.

And then he flew away.

Yep, a bald eagle is bigger than a seagull.

P.S. – For those wondering, no, we never get near the wildlife. Okay, fine, we might have chased a squirrel or two who has entered our yard, but Hu-Dad says the wild birds are off limits. Especially when they are big.

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