Typhoon’s Vet Inspection

Yesterday was time for Typhoon to meet our new veterinarian. The Little Prince carefully reviewed the credentials and reports on his vet inspection.

Typhoon studying the vet's certificate on the wall.
Typhoon studying the vet’s certificate on the wall.

One by one, we are being introduced to our new vet. Yesterday was the Little Prince’s first visit, a big deal considering all of the medical battles he has had over the years. Typhoon wanted to make sure the doctor was properly credentialed.

That's not the certificate, Typhoon.
That’s not the certificate, Typhoon.

Oh, fine, Typhoon wanted to make sure the vet had proper treats for his royal highness. Fortunately, all of the labwork came back showing very healthy levels. We discussed the various options for dealing with the Little Prince’s IBD and opted to stay the course with the same treatment plan he has been on for years. We will retest bloodwork in six months, but otherwise, Typhoon earned a gold star.

Snicker. A dust buster can not keep up with my fur,
Snicker. A dust buster can not keep up with my fur.

8 thoughts on “Typhoon’s Vet Inspection”

  1. SO glad Typhoons report is good and he thinks this vet is OK! I too love the remark about the dust buster. Anyone who has a snow dog can understand that!! Get out the BIG GUNS for their fur!!!

  2. Good news! Glad he had a positive checkup.
    And yes the Dustbuster is cute –we’ve destroyed five vacuums over the years…..with only ONE dog!! 😬

    • There might have been screams involved, but he finally donated blood. Of course, Typhoon screams for lots of things, so that isn’t unusual.

  3. The Prince is so fortunate that his minions were so fierce about making sure His Royal Highness got healthy and remains that way. 🙂 Great news!

    I bet it was hard to change vets.

  4. Did you do a Yelp review Typhoon? One negative…that Dustbuster. Really? In an office filled with Fur? Good notice Phooey! Glad the Vet is up to your standards, as you don’t judge on a curve. So glad your lab work was good! Not surprised though, after all, his Highness can’t have anything abnormal going on. Great job Phooey!🥰


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