January 8, 2020

Smiling Landon


Another pretty day with everyone enjoying the yard, including a smiling Landon who is only ever worried about when the next meal will be served.

A smiling Landon happy to run about the yard
A smiling Landon happy to run about the yard

Everyone is still celebrating the new fence in the yard and a smiling Landon proves it. He prances and bounces about just to prove how happy he is.

Can't catch me when I go sonic Boom Boom
Can’t catch me when I go sonic Boom Boom

In fact, only one thing ever really captures the Boom Boom’s attention long enough to get him to stand still. And what could possibly be so important?

Did I hear food bowls?
Did I hear food bowls?

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  1. Wow Landon-you are really funny. So glad all are enjoying the fenced yard but LOVE to see the BOOM BOOM run!! I guess he so enjoys mealtimes!


  2. You boys and your sister all look so happy to have your fence up so you can run freely. It is so great to see all those happy faces and flying feet. Enjoy your new domain.


  3. the area fenced in seems much smaller for the munchkins to run. Do they ever get any zoomies in? I also miss looking at the pretty view of the marsh lands. Did you fence in that area?


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