Beverage Stalker

A certain beverage stalker circling Hu-Dad’s desk does his absolute best to proclaim his innocence when his intentions become obvious.

What's on Hu-Dad's desk? Boring, boring, boring,...and interesting.
What’s on Hu-Dad’s desk? Boring, boring, boring,…and interesting.

Hu-Dad left his desk for a few moments and came back to discover Typhoon inspecting all of the papers piled on top. Though the papers weren’t of the most interest. His Haughtiness soon shows where his real focus is.

Typhoon spies Hu-Dad's cold beverage on his desk.
Typhoon spies Hu-Dad’s cold beverage on his desk.

When Hu-Dad made it clear he was watching the Little Prince’s every move, the protests of innocence began. Who could believe this innocent face could ever have planned something nefarious?

Just keeping things safe here, Hu-Dad.
Just keeping things safe here, Hu-Dad.

6 thoughts on “Beverage Stalker”

  1. Typhoon, you sure do look innocent!! All things belonging to Hu-Dad must be protected from the rest of the Herd. You are as cute as usual.

  2. awww… Hu Dad!
    they say it’s a meal in a glass. I was just trying to find out for you!
    I think I have a little Irish in my Sibe bloodline. XO


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