November 14, 2019

Roscoe’s Worried We’ll Be Late For Bed


The time change from Daylight Savings has been challenging in many ways, but none quite as bad as Roscoe’s worry we will be late for bed.

Isn't it time to go outside so we can go to bed?
Isn’t it time to go outside so we can go to bed?

Our bedtime routine is quite set. All canines head out to the yard for a final bathroom break and then race upstairs to pick their preferred sleeping spots. Roscoe knows yard time comes before bedtime, so he begins nagging Hu-Dad for yard time early every evening. Since Hu-Dad goes to bed early, this may not seem like a problem, but Roscoe now thinks 7pm is the new 8 pm.

Aren't you done with your busyness yet?
Aren’t you done with your busyness yet?

The pestering suggesting continues until Roscoe throws down the ultimate weapon that no human can resist. We will warn you now. If you look at the next photo, you will be fluffing the pillows and crawling under the covers. No one can resist the Roscoe doe-eyed look.

Resist the look. Try. I dare you.
Resist the look. Try. I dare you.

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  1. Nope-I could NOT resist that look and that face!!! I do understand Hu-Dad-my dogs are the same way. At 7 or so it’s like-“well-is it time yet”?!! Thanks for the smile today!!!


  2. Awww…Roscoe, you had me at the first look! As the Queen of my house (a sassy Redhead) says, it’s never too early to be demanding. We humans need a little nudging from time to time. I hope your bed was warm, and the pillows fluffy…like your Tail!


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