October 21, 2019

Taking Home A Stray


Since we are all rescues and understand how things can be tough for homeless animals, none of us were surprised when Typhoon suggested taking home a stray.

Did you see that cute homeless animal, Hu-Dad?
Did you see that cute homeless animal, Hu-Dad?

During our evening walk yesterday, Typhoon discovered the cutest little creature and suggested we take it home. Shockingly, the Hu-Dad said we shouldn’t do that.

The creature Typhoon wanted to take home.
The creature Typhoon wanted to take home.

Just like we told Hu-Dad, it was a harmless little snake, but he still seemed less than enthusiastic about taking it home. Typhoon complained about the decision the rest of the way home.

Can't believe you aren't supportive of taking home a stray.
Can’t believe you aren’t supportive of taking home a stray.

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  1. Oh Phooey…my Sibes do not like my son’s Ball Python, neither do I. Even though he can hold it, and it literally snuggles on his chest. Nope, sorry Ty…usually I side with the Herd. This time Hu-Dad was right. Unless you want to start sharing your bed with someone slithering on you, and eating live rodents! Silly Boy????????♥️


  2. I read up on Typhoon’s find and the smooth green snake is protected in North Carolina due to declining numbers from pesticides. Good thing you didn’t let him take it home. He might have gotten a visit from law enforcement. ;-D


  3. Very pretty, and a rare sight. Personally, I have not seen one of these in many many years. Harmless little critter that wants to eat earthworms and other little bugs. This one does not eat rodents.


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